Essential equipment if you’re interested in extreme sports

The thrill that you get when you jump off a plane with only a parachute or trying to climb a rock with a slippery surface is something that, well cannot be put into words. These are some things that can only be felt. While many will advocate that these are borderline insane things to do, a person seeking thrill knows that such moments help you discover who you are. It helps you to push your limits and learn new things about yourself.

You don’t necessarily have to sky-dive for adventure always, as extreme sports give you much better alternatives on the ground. There is a reason why these activities are termed as extreme sports, as they come with the inbuilt risk that a person should be willing to take. But with the right set of gear and protection, the risk levels come down to a great extent. Having the essential set of equipment for an activity ensures that you can have fun without keeping yourself vulnerable to injuries. The following are some of the essential gear you should have for few extreme sports activities.

Quad Biking

Quad bikes are fun to ride and give you the freedom to cover ground quickly on rough terrain especially mud and rock. You can take fast corners and jump in the air over bumpy roads and feel that adrenaline rush. However, they also pose lots of threats and challenges. To ensure you enjoy all the moments and still walk out of it safely, it is of utmost importance to wear the safety gear.

Man On A Quad Bike With Safety Gear


A helmet is the most basic form of safety equipment that you should have with you while setting out for quad biking. It keeps your head, which is known to be one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, safe.


A quad bike course usually consists of lots of mud and gravel. Having a good pair of gloves would ensure your hands are safe against those loose gravel and also the twigs and small plants around the track. If you are riding for a longer duration, it would also keep your hands from getting sore and gives you a better grip.


Apart from saving you from loose gravel, it would protect your legs against shock and protection in case of a crash. A good pair of boots also gives you added grip and comfort while riding.

Chest Protector

There are several instances when a rider loses their balance and the quad bike topples over them. In such cases, a chest protector can be your best friend. It would also keep you safe against any loose gravel that keeps flying around the track.

Dirt biking

Lightweight dirt bikes give you the freedom of riding through unpaved roads and unchartered territories as well. But these small yet powerful bikes can be a bit tricky to handle at times. Even if you are a master at handling them, it does not hurt to keep the protective gear on.

The right helmet will give you a sense of confidence to push the limits of your bike while keeping you safe in the case of a crash. Make sure you own a pair of good goggles, as they are essential for good visibility. Some advanced level goggles even come with moisture handling and venting systems, to ensure visibility at all times.

The right helmet will give you a sense of confidence to push the limits of your bike while keeping you safe in the case of a crash. Make sure you own a pair of good goggles, as they are essential for good visibility. Some advanced level goggles even come with moisture handling and venting systems, to ensure visibility at all times.

Gloves and Boots not only provide you with lots of grip and strength but also protect you against any loose gravel, twigs or other smaller objects that you might encounter during the ride. Additionally, you can use a chest protector and neck brace as well. These come in really handy in case of a crash. They will keep you safe from neck and chest related injuries, which are common in dirt biking.

Dune Buggies

Dune buggies can be extremely adventurous and fun filled to drive. Even though you have a chassis around you, it’s good to ride with safety gear on. The essential safety gear for dune buggies includes helmets, gloves, and goggles. Make sure that the helmet fits in properly and is not loose from any side. The goggles would keep your face and eyes safe from any sand particles that come flying at you.

Extreme sports can be a great way to reunite with your inner self. But carry out those activities with the bare minimum essential gear would ensure you are safe and sound to enjoy the reunion.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar energy is referred to like the energy that is directed from the sun and then converted into electrical or thermal energy. It is one of the most renewable and cleanest sources of energy. Many countries around the World including the US and Euro Solar companies have discovered some of the most advanced solar resources. This energy can be used in various ways in the modern technology today: provision of light, generating electricity and even heating water for industrial use, commercial and domestic use.

Euro Solar

Solar Energy for Motorhomes and Caravans

In motorhomes, solar power is mostly applied in solar panels, solar kits and battery chargers that use solar. One can use solar energy for lights, television, pumping water and fridge. To maintain your battery at the highest standard possible, a 12v solar kit is the best way for your motorhome. Solar panels ensure that your battery does not go flat by acting as a solar battery charger during seasons after winter period.

You will never have to plug into any power supply, for instance, a generator once you install a solar panel kit for your motorhome. High-grade components are used in coming up with a professional quality 12v solar panel kit. It is to ensure that the reliability is not compromised if used in very harsh conditions. These kits are so easy to install and save money. The solar panel kit is available at low prices and comes with five years of warranty and professional technical backup to help install it.

solar panel

We also have a wide variety of products for your caravan. The products are of high quality available at decent prices. You simply have to order for one, and we will supply and fit the solar product you desire. Solar energy can be used to run a fridge, lights, water pumps and fans. It will give you a perfect tour experience that is smooth and relaxed.

The Technology Behind Solar Energy

Photovoltaic at the atomic level is the main science behind it. Photovoltaic is the process by which free electrons are captured and utilised for electricity by the photons of light. Impurities are then added intentionally in the creation process. It causes the layer of crystallised silicon present in every PV cell to highly conduct electrical energy. The PV cell has a boron layer at the bottom. The boron layer bonds with the silicon to produce a positive charge. There is phosphorus layer at the top of the silicon. The silicon and the phosphorus layer bond to produce negative charges.

During the day, sunlight enters the cell. It causes the electrons in the positive and negative layers to loosen, which are then forced to the external circuit. This external circuit includes the thin wires found on the top of the negative layer I the PV cell. Energy from a different individual square cell is added up within the PV system to produce a panel of solar energy for motorhomes and caravans.

solar power

Efficiency of Solar Energy

The effectiveness of the photovoltaic solar panel is the major reason for its more energy output per amount of energy produced to hit the cell. It, in turn, reduces surface area for energy to be generated for use in motorhomes and caravans.

The solar energy that is converted into usable electricity ranges between 11 to 15 percent. That is the minimum and maximum range produced by most solar panels. Solar energy technologies view this as a very low percentage. They are therefore making continuous advancements to ensure that the modern panels cover all energy requirements for both residential and commercial use.

Through continuous research, scientists do their best to come up with ways to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic technology. They try to utilise multi-junction cells by tuning them to be able to capture different light frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum. It is a 40 percent efficiency achievement. Though most efficient solar cells created by the scientists are not available to the public.

A higher efficiency level makes the solar panel may be more expensive though they are of good quality and meet requirements perfectly. An efficient solar panel is the best option for those with limited space. However, for those with a large space to save the cost of installing the panel, they require a less efficient solar panel.

Why Solar Energy Is Going to Be Pocket-Friendly

  • It is cheap.
  • There are no price fluctuations on the grid
  • There is little maintenance rate for the solar power systems.
  • Sunshine is naturally free and virtually endless.
  • Solar energy can work in areas that don’t always have sunlight.
  • Allows one to sell unused energy back to the grid and gain credit from it.


The solar energy is the cheapest and most renewable way to use for your motorhomes and caravans. It is essential to seek professional guidance when opting to use solar energy as your source of power. It applies both at home or in a business setup.