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You can’t go wrong with white Ink Tattoo

Gone are the days when people got only black or colourful tattoos. There is a new trend now, white tattoos! White tattoos are different from the regular tattoos. They seem to be easily blended into the skin of the person getting it. Plus, white tattoos are very thick in texture and tend to be protruding from the skin.

In addition to this, a white ink fine line tattoos do not involve black outlining and stencilling. When white ink tattoos are mixed with black ink tattoos, they result in some wonderful designs. These tattoos work best when they are used for highlighting purposes. If you want to get a tattoo, here is a list of the reasons as to why you should get a white ink tattoo and why you cannot go wrong with it.

Looks beautiful under UV light

Yes, it is true! The UV light enhances the design of a white ink tattoo to the next level. It tends to provide a separate light to the tattoos. If you go to a club, this tattoo will help you look amazing and show you apart from the crowd in a much cooler way. White ink tattoos give an illusion of a natural drawing on the skin. These tattoos give the appeal that they were there with you from birth and make you feel that they are a part of you.


The white ink tattoos, if designed beautifully, can pull off beautiful designs. There are so many designs that will go perfectly with white ink, for instance, a crescent moon tattoo. So many shapes and patterns look great with white ink because of the sheer beauty of white ink tattoos. Hence, there is room for a lot of experimentation when it comes to white ink tattoos.

In addition to this, white ink tattoos have one more unique and versatile feature; the tattoo made from white ink appears to be raised giving it a more than one-dimensional appeal, which is great if you are looking for something different and quirky. These tattoos give more of a free soul vibe to the person who gets a white ink tattoo.


These tattoos are almost invisible to the naked eye. So even if your parents don’t approve of getting a tattoo, you can get it. Additionally, if you want a tattoo that is not too flashy and apparent, you can go for these types of tattoos.

Some companies reject candidates on the basis of tattoos. But getting a white tattoo will make sure that it doesn’t happen. Therefore, the almost invisible feature of white ink tattoos will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

Skin colour

It is not about the skin colour, it’s about the skill of the tattoo artist. Though it is being said that white ink tattoos look the best on a darker skin tone, but that is really not the case. Lighter skin tones also make great white ink tattoo canvases.

Additionally, a white ink tattoo on tanned skin looks good too. So it’s safe to say that white ink tattoos look good on a variety of skin types. However, one thing that a person with a darker skin tone should keep in mind is that the white ink tattoo might need some retouching from time to time.


Picking the right size of a white ink tattoo is imperative. Small sized tattoos are easier to get recognized as compared to bigger ones. The bigger one can look like a scar, but many people tend to love the fact that it can look like a scar. So in both the sizes, it is kind of a win-win situation. You can get them made in any size and they will look radiant on your skin!

Something unique

White ink tattoos are something that is definitely unique and denote taking a path less travelled. Getting a white ink tattoo will set you apart from the rest of the people having traditional tattoos. These tattoos help in creating a statement without much show-off. White ink tattoos match the skin and hence help in accentuating the skin more by imparting a more real effect.

Same cost

The cost of white ink tattoos is as much as other tattoos, so you do not need to worry about its pricing. The only thing that you will need to do in order to get a white ink tattoo is a skilled tattoo artist who can draw beautiful white ink designs and you are set! You will get beautiful white marking on your skin that you will surely love!

Beautifies skin

White ink tattoos beautify your skin by giving the skin a more artsy look. This colour looks so natural on the skin that it blends so perfectly with the natural skin tone. They look subtle as compared to the black or coloured tattoos. In addition to this, white ink tattoos help you accept scars in general because this ink teaches that there is beauty in scars. What an incredible lesson to learn in real life.

Almost error-free

You will get a white tattoo from a skilled white ink tattoo professional only and this will ensure that you will get an error-free white ink tattoo. So, it can be said that white ink tattoos are not prone to errors. Some white inks also fade with time and care must be taken after you get a white ink tattoo so that the white ink does not turn into green, grey or some other colour.

Hence, we can see that white ink tattoos are a must try if you want to go for something unusual and distinctive. The white ink tattoos come with a plethora of attractive features that offer versatility, invisibility, beautification, and looks great on almost every skin tone.

The major requirements of getting a white ink tattoo are that it requires a skilled professional and needs proper care once it gets made. Some people are still sceptical of its use but believe me, you can’t go wrong with white ink tattoos.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar energy is referred to like the energy that is directed from the sun and then converted into electrical or thermal energy. It is one of the most renewable and cleanest sources of energy. Many countries around the World including the US and Euro Solar companies have discovered some of the most advanced solar resources. This energy can be used in various ways in the modern technology today: provision of light, generating electricity and even heating water for industrial use, commercial and domestic use.

Euro Solar

Solar Energy for Motorhomes and Caravans

In motorhomes, solar power is mostly applied in solar panels, solar kits and battery chargers that use solar. One can use solar energy for lights, television, pumping water and fridge. To maintain your battery at the highest standard possible, a 12v solar kit is the best way for your motorhome. Solar panels ensure that your battery does not go flat by acting as a solar battery charger during seasons after winter period.

You will never have to plug into any power supply, for instance, a generator once you install a solar panel kit for your motorhome. High-grade components are used in coming up with a professional quality 12v solar panel kit. It is to ensure that the reliability is not compromised if used in very harsh conditions. These kits are so easy to install and save money. The solar panel kit is available at low prices and comes with five years of warranty and professional technical backup to help install it.

solar panel

We also have a wide variety of products for your caravan. The products are of high quality available at decent prices. You simply have to order for one, and we will supply and fit the solar product you desire. Solar energy can be used to run a fridge, lights, water pumps and fans. It will give you a perfect tour experience that is smooth and relaxed.

The Technology Behind Solar Energy

Photovoltaic at the atomic level is the main science behind it. Photovoltaic is the process by which free electrons are captured and utilised for electricity by the photons of light. Impurities are then added intentionally in the creation process. It causes the layer of crystallised silicon present in every PV cell to highly conduct electrical energy. The PV cell has a boron layer at the bottom. The boron layer bonds with the silicon to produce a positive charge. There is phosphorus layer at the top of the silicon. The silicon and the phosphorus layer bond to produce negative charges.

During the day, sunlight enters the cell. It causes the electrons in the positive and negative layers to loosen, which are then forced to the external circuit. This external circuit includes the thin wires found on the top of the negative layer I the PV cell. Energy from a different individual square cell is added up within the PV system to produce a panel of solar energy for motorhomes and caravans.

solar power

Efficiency of Solar Energy

The effectiveness of the photovoltaic solar panel is the major reason for its more energy output per amount of energy produced to hit the cell. It, in turn, reduces surface area for energy to be generated for use in motorhomes and caravans.

The solar energy that is converted into usable electricity ranges between 11 to 15 percent. That is the minimum and maximum range produced by most solar panels. Solar energy technologies view this as a very low percentage. They are therefore making continuous advancements to ensure that the modern panels cover all energy requirements for both residential and commercial use.

Through continuous research, scientists do their best to come up with ways to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic technology. They try to utilise multi-junction cells by tuning them to be able to capture different light frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum. It is a 40 percent efficiency achievement. Though most efficient solar cells created by the scientists are not available to the public.

A higher efficiency level makes the solar panel may be more expensive though they are of good quality and meet requirements perfectly. An efficient solar panel is the best option for those with limited space. However, for those with a large space to save the cost of installing the panel, they require a less efficient solar panel.

Why Solar Energy Is Going to Be Pocket-Friendly

  • It is cheap.
  • There are no price fluctuations on the grid
  • There is little maintenance rate for the solar power systems.
  • Sunshine is naturally free and virtually endless.
  • Solar energy can work in areas that don’t always have sunlight.
  • Allows one to sell unused energy back to the grid and gain credit from it.


The solar energy is the cheapest and most renewable way to use for your motorhomes and caravans. It is essential to seek professional guidance when opting to use solar energy as your source of power. It applies both at home or in a business setup.