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How Slushies Are Beating The Heat?

Do you love to drink frozen drinks? There are all kinds of delicious kid-friendly drinks that you can have to beat the heat during the summer months. There are also convenience stores that are selling these kinds of beverages like 7-Eleven. Their Slurpee drink is very famous around the world, and they offer different exciting flavours.

slushy in different flavours

When it is hot outside, you can walk into a convenience store anytime and sip on a delicious slushy. It is an enjoyable feeling to drink a tasty beverage. A slushy is a refreshing drink that is friendly for the whole family, and it is affordable too. You can make it at home or start a slushy business alongside your ongoing business if you happen to have a cafe, bakery, restaurant or a convenience store. The recipe could be easily created as you can pretty much use tons of stuff from your pantry or lying in the refrigerator. But the only thing that would require your attention is a good ice machine that can easily blend through the ice. ICE Machines Direct has a range of ice machines that you should go through to have an idea of what feature an ice quality machine should have and how different ice machines are designed for the various purposes.

Slurpee Zilched flavours contain less than one percent sugar.

7-Eleven branches in Australia are offering delicious flavours for the summer and here are some of them:

  • Lychee lemon
  • Pink lemonade
  • Passionfruit lime
  • Mango Mandarin
  • Lychee
  • Sour pink grapefruit
  • Pineapple passion
  • Lemon lime bitters
  • Watermelon punch
  • Mango

    Here are the favourite Slurpee flavours from around the world:

    exciting new slushy ideas

    Pina Colada

    This drink in neither too bland nor too sweet to the palate and it is pleasing to the eyes with its yellow colour. It also compliments the other Slurpee flavours when mixed but it can stand on its own.


    This particular drink is a mixture of Sugary lemon flavouring and intense carbonation. What this drink lacks is its ability to mix with the other Slurpee flavours. It is a refreshing drink that combats the summer heat.

    Blue Raspberry/Wild Cherry

    This drink is a favourite when going to the movie theatres with its ICEE formula. This binary flavour is part of the Slurpee lore. This is one of the classic two flavoured Slurpee’s. Take a sip of this red and blue delight.

    Coca-Cola/Dr. Pepper

    Just like the Wild Cherry and the Blue Raspberry Slurpee, Coke and Dr Pepper are two of the core flavours of Slurpee that most consumers are familiar with. It is a reliable drink that will make your taste buds ask for more.

    Kiwi Strawberry

    Kiwi Strawberry is a kind of soda fruit juice that has the right combination when it comes to blend and flavour. It has a mild flavour that will thirst your quench when you are playing out in the summer heat.


    Orange is one of the flavours that does not go out of season. The drink can stand alone on its own, and it will never fail your taste buds.

    Hawaiian Punch

    The Slurpee Hawaiian punch provides an odd flavour to your palate, and it is both a saccharine and an astringent. It is considered to be the best supporting Slurpee to the more famous Pina Colada.


    When it comes to eating bananas, its either you love it, or you hate it. This banana Slurpee is indeed a mouthful of sweetness that will intensify your senses. It is delightful, and it is best mixed with lemonade to balance the sweetness.

    Sour Patch Watermelon

    If you like the taste of candies, then this drink is the one for you. This is an excellent example of a cross-branding drink. Wherein it has a taste of both candy and a fruit smoothie. Well, you will surely get the best of both worlds.

4-stroke vs 2 stroke engines. Which are better?

There are several differences in the way these two engines work. With a 4-stroke engine, it has to complete two rotations of the crankshaft after completing one cycle, which means that power is only produced every four strokes of the piston. The engine design is much more complicated as well. There is no need to add oil or any other lubricant to the fuel, and the fuel mixture stays in the combustion chamber. The top side of the piston is flat. A 4-stroke engine is heavier and makes less noise than a 2-stroke engine.
With a 2-stroke engine, it has to complete one rotation of the crankshaft after completing one cycle, which means that power is produced once during two strokes of the piston. It has ports which make for a simpler engine design. It must have fuel that has had oil added to it in order to run properly. There is a bump or protuberance occasionally added to the top of the piston as well. The air-fuel mixture enters the engine through an inlet port and travels to the combustion chamber, passing through the crankcase. The engine is lighter and louder, compared to a 4-stroke engine.

dirt bike

Many things are affected by whether or not a dirt bike has a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. The cost of these bikes is one of those things. A 4-stroke engine bike can sell for anywhere between $3,000 and $9,000. They go through about double the fuel to run the engine properly. A 2-stroke engine model can run you about $2,200 to $7,300, depending on the model and if it is used or new. A full tank of fuel in a 2-stroke engine will last you about 40-45 minutes if you don’t run it too hard. Dedicated riders are known to bring extra fuel along in order to ensure they don’t run out while on a ride.
There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of engine. Looking at the 2-stroke first, it has a much simpler design and construction. It’s a more powerful bike, and its position during a ride doesn’t matter. The disadvantages are that it has a lower fuel efficiency that a 4-stroke bike. The additional oil needed to mix with the fuel can get quite costly the longer you ride. It produces more pollution and has a higher wastage of fuel, due to improper combustion.
One advantage of a 4-stroke engine is that it has more torque than the 2-stroke. It has better fuel efficiency and produces less pollution. It’s a more durable engine that doesn’t require the addition of extra oil to the fuel, reducing the running cost of the bike. The disadvantages of the 4-stroke engine are that it has a much more complicated design and construction, it’s less powerful and more expensive to buy and to fix.

 dirt bike racer
As you can see, there are a lot of technical things that vary from a 2-stroke engine to a 4-stroke engine. The 2-stroke may be more powerful, but with more torque, the 4-stroke engine will take you farther. The 2-stroke engines were almost banned in Australia a few years ago, due to the leaking of fuel and the amount of pollution it creates. This is, of course, a hazard that needed to be corrected. It was around the time of the potential ban that 4-stroke engines were introduced. They were intended to replace the 2-stroke dirt bikes, but in the end, both options are still available. The 4-stroke bikes are a much better option now. They may cost a bit more, but it’s well worth it for the money you save on fuel and the lower levels of pollution it emits.
With children learning each year to ride dirt bikes, it’s incredibly important to buy the safer option. In this instance, it would be the 4-stroke engine bikes that would fit the bill. They are safer and leak less fuel. The extra weight from the engine will help to add stability to the bike that the 2-stroke doesn’t have.
There are many popular dirt bikes on the road and in the hills right now. Most of them are familiar names such as Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Husqvarna. A quick search pulled up many options for newer dirt bikes for sale in Australia, all models with those brand names. They are available at a range of prices, depending on the size of the engine and its model. Each model I viewed was between the price range listed above, with the biggest difference in price is the age of the bike, rather than the type of engine each bike had.
Many dirt bike riders still swear by their 2-stroke models, yet they accept and enjoy the 4-stroke versions as well. There are many ongoing conversations over the merits of each engine type, with both the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke having their own fans. Many of these riders have ridden models of both types of engines, and at some point, would likely have switched from the 2-stroke bikes to the 4-stroke ones if it was necessary.
Based on the information above, I would say that overall, the 4-stroke dirt bikes are a better deal. They cost less in the long run, and while they may be more complicated to fix if they break down, the advantages of them far outweigh any advantages that the 2-stroke may have. There aren’t any disadvantages for the 4-stroke engines that would make the bikes prohibitive to riders.