Extreme Sports

The extreme sports

The Extreme sport is the activity which involves a high risk of life and involves speed, height and a high level of physical exertion. The Extreme sports are very popular especially in youngsters, but some these sport cause serious injuries or death. The list of some of the extreme sports-

The Dirtbike or Motocross

Man racing in dirt bike

The Motocross is used for professional races where time is measured, and the professional races last for 30 minutes. The other races are determined by the laps so that the first rider to complete a predetermined amount of laps is the winner. The fastest first three riders are win first, second and third position. The dirt bikes used lighter than another bike because of aluminium is used instead of heavy metal and range between 50 to 550cc.


Skateboarding stunts

The other extreme sport is skateboarding and all skateboarder practice to improve their skills and add some difficulty level.The crashing onto the pavement is normal and getting back to trying again make you perfect.


The BMX is a traditional racing after that it becomes freestyle and riders start attempting next to impossible tricks, but these tricks sometimes work or cause injuries or bike crash.


The powerbocking in not that much extreme but some learn very technical tricks, acrobatics and kicks.

Mountain Boarding

The mount boarding is also called dirt boarding and off-road boarding and take on all type of terrain even some tricks and counted as one of the dangerous sports.


The skateboarding has various degree and usually to improve the skills, adding more difficult tricks every time.

Ice Cross Downhill

The ice skating is a lovely combination of hockey and skating because people wear pad and race with other on ice track it looks very exciting and rules to win is first one of the bottom wins.


Man driving scooter

The scooter was the toy at the time it becomes sport, and some stunt scooter were engineered over time. The lightweight frames made them perfect for jumps and tricks. After the pro scooter launched in the market, then scooter sport also counted as extreme sports