Fun Christmas Present Ideas for Kids

Christmas is the most awaited and fun time of the year. For adults, it’s a call for long holidays, but for the kids, it is more special as its the time when Santa brings loads of kids at their home. Well, this triggers all the Santas of these kids to search for the most appropriate, fun and cool gifts. If this is the case with you, then chill out, as following is the list of great Christmas gift ideas for kids of varying ages. Just pick whichever one suits you the best and have great fun with the Christmas.

Christmas Decoration

1. Balance Teeter Popper

Perfect for kids of age: 3 years and above

Teeter popper is an excellent Christmas present for kids aged 3 and above. This thrillingly exciting, and attractively unique instrument lets the kid’s rock and roll, sit o it, stand and sway, or just pop the bubbles. There are numerous ways to have fun and play with this cool popper. Shaped as a concave board, the teeter popper is fully covered with firm silicon suction bubbles or cups, and kids can play with these popping heads in whatever way they wish to.
And for the parents who are conscious about the quality, stability of the body, and balancing capability of the toy, then relax, it is a great outdoor toy for the kids to play. In addition to that, teeter popper enhances the leg strength, core strength of the body mussels, and kids learn to stabilise and balance their body. So, a great tool to activate motor skills. Do get this toy for your kids, they’re going to love it.

2. Curved Platform Swing

Perfect for kids of age: 5 years and above

The ecstatic joy of fun is multiplied when more friends are playing together. To let the kids experience this enchanting feel of overwhelming joy, a curved platform swing is an amazing Christmas present. Swinging in the air brings out excitement, fun, and joy. A slight curvature of the swing made with nylon and padded comfortable seating is superbly cosy, relaxing and of course, fun. This swing can easily be loaded with friends. Its cool characteristics are more important in today’s world of hi-tech equipment and internet obsession. This fun swing will invite your kids to play in the fresh air. This is surely an extraordinary gift for your kids, aged 5 and above, who loves to hang out with his/ her game fellows.

3. Ride-On Sand Digger

Perfect for kids of age: 3 years and above (up to 70lbs weight)

Kids playing in sand

Playing in the sand, filling boxes, emptying them and then digging the pile of sand with different tools is one of the most favourite play of almost all the kids. A ride on sand digger kids toy is an exceptional machine that uses the physical strength of the kid and scoops up from sand or snow mount. And the kid can unload this material by rotating the sand digger machine anywhere in the close vicinity. This little machinery is a cool gift for any kid.
Sure, it offers great fun activity, but simultaneously it develops and enhances the hand to eye coordination in the kid. So, it’s comfortable, fun, and extremely practical.

4. Kids Archery Set

Perfect for kids of age: 8 years and above

Archery, a new favorite of kids in recent years. This is not only a fun sport but is also exceptionally beneficial for hand to eye coordination, and for practicing focus and concentration. To develop the enthusiasm for outdoor games and induce interest in cool games, a kid archery set is a perfect Christmas present for kids. These sets are efficiently safe, and can also be played indoors. As the arrows get stuck to any flat surface, so they are safer to play anywhere. Definitely a perfect gift to show kids how to safely play archery.

5. Portable Folding Kids Soccer Score Set

Perfect for kids of age: 3 years and above

With this sensational set, kids can play soccer anywhere. It includes a set of portable soccer goals, an easy to grip, special bouncy ball, and a carrying case to fold in everything into. This is an amazing Christmas gift for kids of any age, and they’ll definitely shout out with utter happiness and joy. This game set is extremely easy to carry around, and kids can play with their siblings or friends at any time of the day. Just bring out the bag, set the goal and have fun. This game is not only fun, and entertaining, but is also sufficiently healthy and let the kids come into physical action along with using their mind to kick a goal. Surely the most favorite game for kids of all ages.

6. Fantasy Wings

Perfect for kids of age: 3 years and above

Vibrantly coloured and intricately designed, the beautiful fantasy wings are available with loads different patterns printed on them, which specifically are loved by little girls. Swirling around the garden while putting on these fantasy wings, little ones seem to fly in the air and adore the flattering sound of these delicate wings. Adding a beautiful fantasy element to the magical journey of these little flowers, these wings are an adorably gorgeous gift for the girls. Just pick one, and your girl will definitely love this present on Christmas.

7. Push/ Kick Scooter

Perfect for kids of age: 2-16 years

push scooter

A push scooter is an adorably fun gift item for the little ones if they’re looking to pursuit a career in extreme sports. Kids love to play with stylish, chic scooter all the time. The unique design of this fun ride is perfect to give a truly exciting and joyful experience to the kids, which these little buddies always crave for. Offering comfort, modern designing, and immense safety with stability, a push scooter is a must have for all the kids out there. These scooters are available in a vast range of colors, style and brand, with Madd Gear scooters being particularly popular this Christmas. And with varying construction and designing of these scooters, kids of all ages can have the fun of riding them on.

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