Unveiling the top 10 Earphone Under $100

As much as you love staying at home and listening to booming music from your top-notch home theatre with standing speakers, you need to get out at some point. This does not, however, mean that you will leave the music in your Australian abode. Remember, they say music is the medicine for the soul, and it should remain so regardless of where you go. This is why having a pair of quality earphones is a must-have if you are a music fanatic.

You probably read lots of information in review blogs and website, and you have been forced to believe that earphones that produce the Better sound than your outdoor speakers. This is far from the truth. Price has never been a determinant of quality. You can buy a pair that cost you hundreds of dollars, but you will be surprised to note that it’s of lower quality than one costing way less than 100 bucks.

As long as you don’t rush to the market and buy the first pair you come across, affordable earphones are readily available. Below are ten of the best earphones you will find in the Australian market with a budget lower than $100.

  1. The Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit

Panasonic is a brand that has been producing some of the best electronics of all time for many decades now. If you are looking for a budget pair of earphones that will act as a great replacement to the ones that you have heavily invested in but have turned out to be a disappointment, this one should be at the helm of your list.

This is a pair of earphones that does only present an aesthetically appealing design, but also offers sound quality that is too good for its price. It is also made from a durable material that ensures you enjoy the music for long before you decide to switch to another technology. These earphones from Panasonic are astoundingly cheap! You will get one for just $12.

  1. The Sennheiser Momentum in-ear

When you see this pair of earphones, the first impression you will get about it is that it was made for the eye, thanks to its beautiful design. However, its sound quality is similarly impressive, and you will enjoy maximum comfort and stellar audio for just $80. This brand has some earphones for you whether you are on Android or iOS platform.

  1. The Xiaomi USB-C Earphones

If you purchased a phone that doesn’t feature a headphone jack, you are probably cursing yourself, thinking of throwing it over the window. However, the Xiaomi USB-C earphones have got you covered. With it, you can listen to your favourite songs using your USB cable. Interesting, right?

The earphones also feature titanium-plating on the earbuds and braided USB cable that ensures maximum durability. It also presents a built-in mic, and the sound quality is also amazing. You can use it to eliminate ambient noise; hence giving you the best music experience.

Xiaomi is renowned for making highly affordable products, and this pair of earphones is not an exception. You can grab one for as low as 49 bucks.

  1. The Marshall mode EQ

Marshall is an international brand that makes some of the best music equipment on the market. These earphones produce balanced soundstage, and you can turn up the bass by the press of a button. It also features an inbuilt microphone and a button that allows you to receive calls and control music. They are also highly durable. All these for $99.

  1. The HifiMan RE-400

This brand is well known for producing some of the best plana magnetic headphones. However, its attention to detail has made it possible for this pair of earphones they produce to feature in our top list.

The HifiMan RE-400 retail at $50, and they offer maximum comfort and neutral sound quality that makes them a perfect choice for you if you are hunting for earphones under $100.

Their ability to deliver zero noise when listening to music or watching movies on your mobile device is also another amazing feature.

If a balanced soundstage is all you are looking for in a pair of earphones, then the HifiMan RE-400 is undoubtedly what you need to suit your needs.

  1. Jaybird X3

This is an ideal pair of earphones that are ideal for your workout sessions. With it, you can hit the gym hard while still listening to your favourite music. They have excellent sound quality and outstanding battery life, which makes it easy for you to enjoy their functionality for hours.

They come with a one year warranty that covers sweat-related damage, which gives you more confidence to workout with them even more! You will get this fantastic pair of earphones for 95 bucks.

  1. 1MORE triple Driver in-ear headphone

These earphones are made to produce the best sound you can find for low-cost earphones. They have cables coated with Kevlar and the buds are covered with aluminium which ensures maximum durability. What makes them unique is the fact that they feature an acoustic design which enhances their curb appeal. You will get these fantastic earphones for just $90.

  1. The Optoma Nuforce BE Sport3

This is one of the best wireless in-ear headphones you can buy. They present quality sound, long battery life, and stupefying insulation.

They are made of a durable bullet-proof material, which clearly shows the future of wireless earphones is brighter than ever. You can get them in online and offline markets for $79-$80.

  1. The RHA S500u

For only 39 bucks, the RHA S500u features impressive build quality, balanced, and super-quality audio. These earphones simply sound too good for their low price. Getting one will help you enjoy exciting music for a long time.

  1. The Sony MDR-XB90EX

If bass is what you want in music, then you will get it in plenty with the Sony MDR-XB90EX earphones. What’s more, their ear tips are comfy, making them ideal for you if you listen to music for long hours. They fit well and sit tight in your ears since they are large. If you have $80 in your pocket right now, you can get a pair of these super-quality earphones.

If you thought that cutting-edge earphones only sell for hundreds of dollars, then you have to think again. Grab any of the earphones above, and your music experience will undoubtedly turn to a whole new level.

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